Once again I have been left hurt and neglected by a former hero.

This time it came in the daughter of Steve Irwin, Bindi .Though her Father was my idol I greatly admired the way she carried herself and the fact that she was leading animal education and conservation to the mainstream for all children to see.

However after having done my own research then seen “Blackfish” I fail to see how she can justify this .

I am quite frankly disgusted that she has teamed up with Sea World.
It’s no mystery that SeaWorld is only concerned with profit. I don’t think conservation even fits into their modus operandi. Her Father stood for conservation and education for animals and I am quite disappointed that she’s decided to publicly come out with support for Sea World.

Even though I am ok with captive animals, they way Sea World plunders their orcas from the ocean and houses them in unfit conditions is disgraceful and disgusting to me and I want no more of it.

On top of that, the Irwin family have been suspiciously quiet on the wholesale vandalism of the environment being championed by our current corporate puppet government.



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