An albino Tiger snake (left picture)
Western Tiger Snake (right)

I must say it looks amazing and I personally love the colour variations we can get from snakes and I think the Tiger’s distinct stripes are beautiful.



From the World Wildlife Fund report entitled, “Living Planet Report,” on loss of species. (By the way, the graphs use the acronym, “LPI,” which is translated as the “Living Plant Index,” which measures more than 10,000 representative populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Those populations have declined by 52 per cent since 1970. 

The World Wildlife Fund says: “Put another way, in less than two human generations, population sizes of vertebrate species have dropped by half. These are the living forms that constitute the fabric of the ecosystems which sustain life on Earth – and the barometer of what we are doing to our own planet, our only home. We ignore their decline at our peril.”

The report can be read here.

The saddest thing you’ll read….anytime really.

When I first got my bluey , she had lost her tail and had worms which actually prevented her growth by subduing her appetitte. I had little knowledge of reptiles now and I feel soo much sympathy for not bringing her to a Vet in the first place. However in recent times , she is a great size  & weight  and has been soo much more active bringing me a lot of joy.

For those who currently own feeder crickets.

To help give your reptile the best feed it can possible have, it’s best to take proper care of your feeder crickets. Otherwise they will waste away and prove useless.

The best method of feeding your reptile is to gut load crickets, meaning to feed them a great combination of a few days before they are fed to your reptile.

Feeder crickets can prove to be very costly over an extended period and one of the best ways to save money is too actually take proper care of them.

A neat trick I have learned is to put a table spoon or so of oats and/or pumpkin seeds with an apple core allowing them to have something to eat and get the water they need from the core.

For me check the book I recommended.